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No More Cracks Many people live with 'cracks' in their life that are obstructing their view...
The Eternal Now Important teaching on seeing yourself in line with the truth of who you are eternally right now.
Stop Begging God For His Presence! A whole lot of Christians are looking for God to come and move in their midst and for His presence and Kingdom to come. But...
Understanding Our God-Given Authority What is this whole authority thing about? What authority do you really have in Jesus? Read on to find out!
Generational Curses - Real or Imagined? What's up with generational curses? Is this a legitimate thing?
What it Means to Be a Man A study for guys young and old on what it means to be a man.
Homosexuality, Gay Marriage & The Church A practical and biblical look at the intersection of culture and the Church when it comes to the issue of gay marriage and homosexuality.
Death for the Christian The truths in this hopeful and encouraging article are ones that can literally revolutionize the way you view death and eternal life.
Happy Father's YEAR Understanding the importance of fatherhood in light of the ministry of John the Baptist.
Love Covers a Multitude of Sins A Father's Day message for those who perhaps didn't have the best dad in their life.
The Simple Guide to Bible Translations Explains how different English Bible versions compare and core issues involved.
A Narnia New Year Start the new year off right with the proper eternal perspective!
2020 Post-Election Presidential Transition A blunt post-election article for Christians that supported President Trump.
2020 Post-Election Encouragement An encouraging article discussing our role as believers after the election.
2020 Insights for Christians: The Pandemic, Race Relations, and the American Election An in-depth commentary on things that have been happening in 2020 from a Christian perspective.
Good Friday, Easter, and Fear A Good Friday/Easter message of hope and encouragement in these fearful times.
Joy to the World, Indeed! A Christmas message of the true and realistic import of the good news of God With Us!
Letting the Toys Go An article about letting go and moving on.
Ants on the Battlefield What do ants have to do with Spiritual Warfare? Read to find out!
Livin' With the Fear No More Through Jesus, fear has been dealt with and we aren't to live in it any longer!
What Michael Jackson Taught Us About Life Yep, his life taught us some really important stuff...
Two Ways to View the Bible There are two very different ways that churches today are approaching the Bible and this article contrasts those views.
Not Overwhelmed God's upholding you right now with His mighty hand!
What Is Truth? Pontius Pilate asked this question and so do untold millions today...
#MeToo, Gun Violence, and Big Ol' Giant Elephants Scandals and gun violence are huge issue topics in our society, but are we ignoring the big giant elephants in the room?
Sex, the Culture, and Your Kids A practical article for Christian parents on the realities today and how to deal with them.
The Importance of Repentance Both John the Baptist and Jesus started their earthly ministries talking about repentance, but why?
Ministry: What It Is and How it Affects You (AKA Ministry Truths) Every believer in Jesus has a ministry whether they know it or not. This article is full of practical ministry truths.

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