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Founder Christopher Long

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BodEquip Ministries is run by founder Christopher Long. It is *NOT* currently registered as a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization and there are NO tax-benefits to giving.

Look, let me just be straight-up with you: I truly believe that the Lord has given me a call to help elevate the Body of Christ to a higher-level of living than we've been accustomed to and ultimately I believe a big part of that is that I need to reach pastors. One of my admittedly lofty goals is to get my book, "Where's the Abundant Life?" in the hands of every pastor in the world. While part of achieving that is relying on Christians that read the book getting a copy for their pastor, part of it is also me wanting to make it available free of charge to as many pastors as I reasonably can, but I need financial help for that. Also, to again just be straight-up with you, I believe there are other books/articles/items the Lord may have for me to bless the Body with, but since I need to live and eat and all that, I just plain need financial support to help allow me to be able to utilize time for these kinds of endeavors. I've ministered to the Body of Christ on a near-daily basis for over 20 years without ever asking for donations for my ministry efforts (even when many other ministries I knew that did what I was doing did do so), but a combination of the call on my life and the new season of ministry I believe God has called me to (including the release of my first book) and my own personal financial situation means I'm now taking the step of asking for support. So if you believe in what I'm doing, I humbly ask for your help.

I take your support as my brother or sister in Christ seriously and reverentially, knowing that I answer to God. When you partner with me, you are helping me to minister to the entire Body of Christ, which I believe will then help elevate the practical daily-life experience of believers, which leads to us being a better witness, which I believe helps pave the way for loads more unbelievers to come to a saving faith in Jesus. And big picture, that's really the main goal. When you partner with me, any fruit I bear for the Kingdom, you are a part of as well.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in both supporting me and my ministry efforts through BodEquip. I don't believe in strong-arm manipulation-tactics in trying to get people to give so I'll just leave it there between you and God.

You can give securely via Credit Card or bank account through PayPal (no Paypal account is required) by choosing your donation amount and frequency and then clicking the Donate button below. Again for transparency-sake, I need to be clear that you are giving to me and that BodEquip is NOT currently a tax-exempt 501c(3) organization.

Thank you! :)
Christopher Long, BodEquip Ministries

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