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Movie Review: CAMP

Quick Plot Summary: An abused boy and a self-absorbed counselor both experience transformation at a summer camp.

Rating: Great
Suggested Ages: 14+
Version Notes: This review is for the 2013 movie starring Michael Mattera.

For a small independent movie, this one is surprisingly good! The acting, particularly of the young boy, is decent enough and perfectly believable. This movie will tug on your heart-strings - but will leave you feeling both encouraged and motivated.

If you've never thought much about abused kids, this movie can be an eye-opener as it explores some of the real emotions and behaviors such kids can exhibit. At the same time, it also shows what the power of God's love working through the hands and words of caring adults can do. If you have ever experienced abuse or work in the social services field, I believe you will probably be especially blessed by this movie (but even if not, don't let that stop you!)

This movie while definitely dealing with some serious subject matter, also has lots of lighter moments - even funny ones. There's even a little romance. Sometimes it can be kind of easy to turn a blind-eye to the hurting in our community, but God cares a whole lot about hurting kids - and as believers that means we need to care a whole about them too! I definitely recommend this movie!

Obviously given the subject matter, this is really NOT a movie for kids. Although 14 could be a bare minimum, ideally it's best only for older teens and adults.

Note: There are other movies out there named "CAMP". This one is from 2013 and stars Michael Mattera.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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