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Movie Review: Christmas Child

Quick Plot Summary: A man who was adopted as a child travels to a small town just before Christmas to seek clues about his past.

Rating: Worthwhile
Suggested Ages: 10+

This film is an enjoyable and interesting Christmas movie that is based on a Max Lucado story. It's one of those movies that after you watch, you think "this could have been even better and truly been a great movie" but still as-is, it's a worthwhile movie and an enjoyable watch.

I loved the small-town feel that was portrayed, and I loved the mystery component as this guy seeks to uncover his past. The guy playing the lead is William Moses, who I recognized as the guy that used to play Perry Mason's private investigator in the Perry Mason movies in the 80's and 90's. In some ways, he was fulfilling a similar role - except he is a journalist in this film [and isn't trying to solve a murder! ;) ]

Steven Curtis Chapman plays a guitar-playing pastor and was genuinely a joy to see and hear. The sermonizing in the movie is kept very low-key - there's not a huge amount of theology in this movie - but it just presents a message that God came for us in the person of Jesus and loves us. There's also themes of redemption and forgiveness, and of course, adoption.

Without giving away anything, part of the story that's revealed does involve some situations that might be too intense for younger children, so while this could be a family night movie, I'd say it should be limited to ages 10 and up.

The acting is relatively decent and there's some notable talent in this film, but it definitely has a "made for t.v." feel. I do wish this film would be available on Blu-Ray. I've seen this movie twice over the last couple of years and enjoyed it both times. It's got a certain "charm" to it that many Christmas-related movies try to capture, but often don't succeed at. This one does.

Note: There are a few different DVD versions out there - the best is the newer "Exclusive Director's Cut" one. Also, this film may be available in HD on Amazon Prime if you have that.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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