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Movie Review: Faith Like Potatoes

Quick Plot Summary: Largely true story of a farmer dealing with farming life in Africa and how that intersects with his personal faith journey. Much more interesting than it sounds...

Rating: Great
Suggested Ages: 13+

"Faith Like Potatoes" is highly based on a true story and is a fascinating and unique film. To start, it's based in Africa. How many films have you seen that are based in Africa? If you're anything like me, probably not too many.

It tells a story that might seem kind of boring: a farmer dealing with farming life in Africa and how that intersects with his personal faith journey. But in actuality, it's much more interesting and exciting than you might think. This movie held my interest just fine. It was well-produced and directed and had decent enough acting. Some of the visuals and scenery are just astounding and made me wish this movie was available on Blu-ray rather than just DVD.

At the core of this movie is a strong emphasis on faith and trusting God - even to do the "impossible" - even when it is uncomfortable or others think you're nuts. This movie showcases a vibrant, practical faith - one where the supernatural can and does occur. Some may quibble with one thing or another, but the general vibe of the movie I believe to be on solid footing. We need a bit more "active, practical faith" lived out and showcased to the world around us today. Either this Christianity thing is real or it's not. And if it is (and it is) then that ought to be evident to those around us. This movie helps stir us all up along these lines. As for the story itself, it was definitely interesting, however I did feel that the last minutes of the movie seemed very rushed. The crux of the movie occurs at the end, and yet, it seemed like it wasn't "finalized" because it needed another several minutes of film time. I don't know if the filmmakers ran out of money or just decided the movie was running too long, but it feels like you need more of the backstory - more exploration of the character's faith and why/how he was trusting the way he was. Although the story was "resolved", it wasn't as "satisfying" as it could have been - they didn't really "seal the deal" of the message they were trying to send. With that said, this is still a worthwhile movie and an uplift! A tip: If, like me, you're not used to the accents of the characters in the movie, you might find it much more enjoyable to watch with the subtitles on.

One note of warning: This movie has a bit of mild language and an intense bloody scene of a child's death that I honestly found hard to watch. While overall a great movie, this is definitely NOT a "family movie" for children under 13.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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