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Movie Review: Fireproof

Quick Plot Summary: A firefighter and his wife experience serious marital difficulties, but through a changed heart and attitude, their marriage is restored.

Rating: Great
Suggested Ages: 16+

This is an excellent movie that anyone that is married or thinks they might want to be someday should see. Created by Sherwood Baptist (Courageous, Facing the Giants) this movie is a unique movie in the sense that there are no other movies around like it that I am aware of.

A thouroughly believable and realistic portrayal of marriage that is much different than the type of stuff that Hollywood often throws out there. It shows that marriage takes a lot of work beyond just simple one-dimmensional infatuation type love (what Hollywood would have you believe).

You'll likely laugh, cry, be in suspense, and just genuinely enjoy this movie. The quality of the movie itself and acting are decent enough. You will NOT mistake this for a Hollywood blockbuster movie as far as quality, but it's still pretty good (like a good made-for-t.v. movie). It has several songs in this movie which also were well-placed and excellent lyrically to go with what you were seeing - they fit perfectly.

With strong Christian themes and messages (though not overly preachy), this movie will lift your faith and elevate your view of marriage, and is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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