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Movie Review: The Last Brickmaker in America

Quick Plot Summary: An elderly man that still makes bricks by hand in a small town ends up mentoring/teaching the trade to a boy with a dysfunctional home life.

Rating: Worthwhile
Suggested Ages: 11+

This film, starring Sydney Poitier in his last film role, is not a "Christian film" but it is heartwarming and endearing, and showcases values such as hard-work, integrity, the importance of perseverence, and the value of family relationships.

Basically this film is the story of an elderly man who recently lost his wife and is now struggling to get through the days and a boy who is struggling to deal with his broken home life of a mother and father that are separated and constantly fighting, and how the two together become a help for one another and through that affect others as well.

This is a slow-moving drama set in a small-town setting and it looks and feels like a "TV movie" (because it was) so don't expect this to be some Hollywood action blockbuster, but it can very much be an enjoyable watch. This is one of those movies you just kind of snuggle in for and chill and take in and then leave feeling good.

In the version of the movie I have (the newer DVD with the Dove seal on the front) I didn't notice any bad language and thus that's the version of this film I recommend, because apparently the original and some other DVD's do have a tiny bit of minor bad language (and for all I know some other concerning content I'm not aware of). So I recommend the DVD from Phase 4 with the Dove seal showing on the cover. There really isn't anything too concerning in this film though some might not like the fact that the older man does go to his wife's grave and talk to his dead wife a few different times in the film.

While this is a clean movie, because of the dysfunctional family dynamic this really isn't a movie for young children.

P.S. As a bonus, you'll get to learn something about how to make bricks by hand in this film! :)

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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