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Movie Review: The Note

Quick Plot Summary: A reporter finds a mysterious note left from the wreckage of a doomed plane crash and tries to look for the stated recipient.

Rating: Worthwhile
Suggested Ages: 11+

The Note is a "made for TV" type Hallmark movie - and make no mistake, it looks like it. It also has its share of overly sappy sentimentalism / added drama for which other Hallmark movies are known. This movie, though, is a "feel good" movie which takes place at Christmas-time (extra good to watch at Christmas) that has a great message about forgiveness and moving forward from one's past. It, while not being overtly Christian, is "friendly" to the Christian faith. Despite the acting and production quality of this movie, it did manage to hold my attention - and as mentioned, it had a very worthwhile message. I won't give away what the note says (that's part of the suspense of watching the movie), but it's a message we all could stand to hear - and if you consider it from a spiritual perspective of a note written from our Heavenly Father, it takes on even more profound meaning.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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