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Movie Review: Time Changer

Quick Plot Summary: A seminary professor in the late 1890's travels to modern times in a time machine and is shocked at the state of Christianity and society today.

Rating: Worthwhile
Suggested Ages: 7+

When I first read the plot of this movie, I admit that it sounded "corny" to me. I can tell you after watching it, that while it did definitely have a "cheese" factor to it, it was much more tolerable, and even enjoyable, than I expected it to be.

This movie takes an opportunity to preach to you at just about every chance it gets. This movie's loaded with "Christianny" scenes including presentations of the Gospel. In fact, the whole movie is basically one giant sermon.

Yet, it's a pretty good sermon told via an interesting story. :) The acting ranges from somewhat poor to reasonable, with the main character unfortunately coming across the most "unbelievable", yet even despite this, it is still perfectly watchable. Production quality is perfectly fine for a movie of its class (this is a little bit of a dated film now though).

Ultimately what saves this movie is its underlying premise, which it hammers in throughout the movie, of just how far we as Christians have allowed ourselves (and thus as a response, society at large) to slip by losing focus off of Jesus Christ Himself. The movie showcases this by showing church life and society life of modern times with a man from over 100 years prior witnessing it and how shocked he is at what has happened. Actually, I felt this movie could have gone much farther in showing just how bad it really is. It HIGHLY sanitized things and barely scratched the surface of others. Even the church as portrayed in the movie was much better than what could have been showed (and still been very accurate, if not more so). In short, this movie didn't go nearly far enough.

Yet, it still made its point well enough to be effective.

This movie is a good family movie (though younger children will probably be bored) that can really cause you to think about the state of the Christian church today, and our role as Christians in society-at-large to be "in the world, but not of the world" and to be "set apart" as an example to unbelievers.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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