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Movie Review: We Bought a Zoo

Quick Plot Summary: A family grieving the loss of their wife/mother takes over a rundown exotic animal zoo!

Rating: Worthwhile
Suggested Ages: 13+

Okay, this film is not a Christian film (I wish it was!) but is a fairly sweet family-oriented movie that's loosely based on a true story. There is some bad language in the film, but the DVD/Blu-ray come with an alternate family-friendly audio track that much like the old T.V. edited movies of decades past, changes the audio to remove much of that language and replace them with alternate words. I wish EVERY Hollywood movie had this option!! Anyway, so if you are watching via DVD/Blu-ray, look for that audio option as it does make for a better viewing experience. Even without it though, I don't believe there is a huge amount of bad language.

You will not be confused that you are watching a Hollywood film (which stars Matt Damon...) and as a Christian, I wanted to swoop in and share the love of Christ with the family as you see them struggling with pain on-screen (the hope and love of Jesus is what is missing in this movie), but for what this movie is, it is still a heartwarming and hopeful and entertaining little film.

Basically this film is about moving on after loss and moving forward with your life. In this case, the family moves on in a rather unexpected way as much of the film is dedicated to the family's efforts to getting their newly purchased rundown exotic animal zoo ready for a grand re-opening. And of course there's some good shots of said animals in the film! :)

This movie does have some notable drama related to them processing their grief, which they each do in different ways (the teenage son draws disturbing violent images). Given the dramatic subject matter, I do not generally believe this is a good choice for most kids under 13. But for teens and adults this can be a fun and worthwhile way to pass a few hours.

Reviewed by Christopher Long,
BodEquip Ministries

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