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All of the above tracks written, produced, and performed by Chris Long 2009-2021, except as follows:
Track 5 based on the original version written 1994.
Track 13 contains portions of recordings of songs written, produced, and performed by Chris Long 1994-1998, with the exception of two childhood recordings including a brief snippet of "God Bless America" which was written by Irving Berlin 1918 (1938 revised) and used under fair use.

All tracks Copyright by Chris Long 2021. All rights reserved.

Album liner notes:

"The name 'Christopher' means 'Christ Bearer' and is specifically why my mother chose that name for me. Regardless of your own earthly name, every believer in Jesus is called to be a 'Christ Bearer', bringing His light and love and the Good News found in Him to all that we come in contact with. The songs on this album all in some form speak to what we have available to us as believers in Jesus - including wholeness, health, and abundant eternal life now and forever. It is my prayer that these songs will encourage you and embolden you as you reflect more and more of all that Jesus died for you to have. With love in Jesus, Chris Long (April 2021)"

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