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All of the above tracks written, produced, and performed by Chris Long 1997-2008, except as follows:
Track 2 written by Becky Long - Copyright by Becky Long 1999. Used by permission.
Track 5 Words and music by Jim Marian, Rose Petal Music, 1993. Used by Permission.
Track 7 Words by Frank Harris. Music by Frank Harris & Chris Long. Used by permission.

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Long 2008-2009. All tracks Copyright by Chris Long 2009. All rights reserved.

Album liner notes:

"In My Life...Jesus has always been there. From knitting me together in my mother's womb, to protecting and drawing me to Himself through my childhood and early teens, to sustaining and leading me as a believer in Him - He has always been there. As you examine your own life, regardless of where you're at - if you truly look, you will also find that He has been there working in your life from before you were even physically born, up to, and including, this very second! His heart, His love, is - and always has been - for you.

This song collection represents some of my best recordings made during 2005-2008, though several songs were written long before that - going back all the way to my high-school days with 1997's "Fly Like the Eagles."

I am so very grateful to Jesus for these songs and how He has used them to bless me and encourage me more than I could ever put into words. It is my absolute joy to share them with you and my honest prayer is that the Lord would use them to likewise bless and encourage you in your daily walk with Him.

May we all give our honest praise, our humble worship, our everything, to the One who has first loved us; who has proven His love by paying the penalty for our sin so we could have life with Him - now, and forever! May we be bold in showing - and sharing - this love to the lost and dying all around us.

This is our call. This is our time.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. To Him be ALL the Glory!

Love in, and because of, Jesus,
Chris Long (April 2009)"

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